zondag 6 december 2015

Paint Table Saturday 109

Welcome to the 109th edition of Paint Table Saturday!

This is my paint table today.

I'm painting some wooden Christmas ornaments to sell on my mini Christmas market next week Saturday.

Greetings, Sofie

zondag 8 november 2015

Crisis 2015

Yesterday my husband and I went to Crisis 2015 at Antwerp (Belgium). A miniature convention with lots of traders and gaming clubs. This year was the 20th edition of Crisis!

We had a great day with lots of beautiful miniatures to see. Here are some pictures to give you all a little taste of Crisis!

My husband and I


Gaming tables

Miniatures & diorama's

You can find more pictures on my husbands blog.

Greetings, Sofie

zondag 4 oktober 2015

Plastic & Steel 2015

Today my husband and I went to Plastic & Steel 2015 at Affligem (Belgium). A miniature fair with lots of clubs, a few traders and a painting contest.

We saw a lot of beautiful miniatures and diorama's. Here are some pictures.

Visit my husbands blog for more pictures.

Greetings, Sofie

zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

Paint Table Saturday 100th edition !

Welcome to the 100th edition of Paint Table Saturday!

Hello! Did you guys miss me?

I haven't been painting for a long time, almost eighteen months. So keeping up with this blog did not make much sense.

Sometimes I miss the hobby though, when I see what for wonderful things my husband makes!  And sometimes I want to buy miniatures again (especially when we go to a miniature fair).

But I can not bring myself to go back painting. This hobby is sadly over.

But, I wanted to just put up a message because it's a little bit of a party today! Paint Table Saturday is today at its 100th edition! I had never thought that.

100 weeks ago I started this event with great pleasure. And I'm very happy that my husband has been hosting this event every week since I stopped painting. I have the best husband ever!

Tomorrow we might go to a miniature fair (Plastic & Steel). If so, I will definitely make a photo report on this blog.

Greetings, Sofie

zondag 18 januari 2015

Paint Table Saturday 63

Welcome to the 63th edition of Paint Table Saturday!

Hello, I haven't been painting for a long time but today I started this hobby again. Since my last post, about six months ago, a lot of things happened. I was very busy with other hobby's, collecting owls, ... We also moved to another place. And I didn't had inspiration to make diorama's so I put it on hold. In the meantime my husband continued with our Paint Table Saturday project. And he did a great job!

Last night I a got an idea to make a new diorama. It is going to be a gothic themed witches workplace. To make this diorama I'm going to use foam plate for the floor and walls, bookshelves, torches, books that I bought at Crisis 2013 and some other fluff.

So this is my paint table today. My first paint table on the new location!

Here you have a better view on how this diorama is going to look. And the stuff that I'm going to use. Today I made the floor and the wall out of foam. And I was working on the layout. This diorama is going to have a ground floor with some cabinets, a table, gothic columns and a staircase. This staircase is going to lead to a second floor (a balcony?) with a railing, gothic styled windows and some trinkets.

I'm going to make this witches diorama to fit in a Ikea SYNAS LED light box. So I can look at it on my hobby table.

What do you think of my new diorama?

Greetings, Sofie
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